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In Card game your knowledge of the auslan alphabet is tested. When you tap on Deal button the 12 buttons(cards) are randomly filled with 5 letters of the randomly selected word and 5 auslan pictures representing the 5 letters. The 2 remaining buttons(cards) are displayed as empty buttons (cards). The positions of the letters and pictures will change with each "Deal". The aim of the game is to match letters to the pictures. Select letter card first and match it with correct auslan picture card. When match is found the picture card turns into 🍒 and small label under the displayed word will also show 🍒. The app provides sounds when card is selected and also "Finger Snap" sound when the word is completed. The number of words is diplayed next to Done label. Hint button will give brief desription of the app. Reset button will reset the app counters to 0. Every time you select Deal, Time is reset to 0 seconds. When the word is completed the clock stops, and the app will check if the best time was done. The Best( time) is reset if needed. Tap the speaker to turn sound on and off.

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